full name linious michael robertson nickname(s) lenny, rocket, len comicverse identity rocket raccoon birthdate / age 22 april, 1979 (34) birthplace boston, massachusetts residence boston, massachusetts occupation fire fighter @ district 6 relationship status lonely zodiac & personality taurus & ENTJ pet(s) Lucifer (White Munchkin Cat) family c. williams (foster-father, 59)
r. williams (foster-mother, 56)
the beginning

the teenage years

the young-adult years

the time to grow-up

origin Genetically-modified Mammal known aliases Sharpshooting Space Raccoon, Rocky Raccoon, Ranger Rocket, Rocky & Venom affiliations guardians of the galaxy powers Raccoon Physiology & Enhanced Senses abilities Expert Marksman, Martial Artist, Master Tactician & Pilot equipment Rocket-powered jet boots weapons laser pistols & heavy weapons parallels • Linious named the raccoon.
• Pain in the ass, always.
• High intellect.
• Never fit in anywhere.
• Hates cats.
• Fight anyone or anything.
• Loves building things.
• Kinda crazy.
one • Despite having a feline that hates his guts (the feeling is completely mutual) they both have been known to have had moments of peace between the war of shredding the furniture and refusing the clean out the litter box.

two • With an entire apartment full of old computer parts, old technology that isn't useful to anyone and strange contraptions that actually work; his name is well known by the pawn shops throughout boston for buying the unusual.

three • He has one tattoo, it was something he got a long time ago when he was very drunk, very stupid and completely unaware of what he was doing. The tattoo is located on his left butt cheek and is of a pixel raccoon.

four • Has an avid ability to speak his mind and being born without a filter has it's own consequences; so he claims is the reason why he gets into so many fights. His high intelligence is also the main cause of him getting into fights as well.

five • He goes by the name Linious, a name that was written on his birth certificate but he prefers to go by Lenny. Seeing as it is less of a pain to say than his birth given name. He never understood why he was given the name but he won't question it.

six • Despite never knowing where he came from, it has never hindered his personality or his way of thinking. The world is evil, full of chaos and he enjoys the way it is. Especially when people decide to light things on fire - makes his job all that more exciting.

seven • "Rocket" is a nickname he received during a rescue mission. He was given it by their chief and found that he quite enjoys the nickname, despite it's origins.

eight • Being classified as an "orphan" has never changed his perspective on the world. The foster family he had towards the end of his teenage life will always be the true type of family he will always remember, they are still key people in his life.
played by jensen ackles • cv rocket raccoon • mst • 18+ or FTB • 3rd person/threading only • online time variedoriginal codingedits.