FULL NAME: Linious 'Lenny' Robertson

COMIC VERSE: Rocket Raccoon

DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: 4.19.81 & Boston, Ma


OCCUPATION: Fire Fighter

STATUS: Complicated
Rocket Raccoon
KNOWN AS: Rocket, Lenny, Ass



PETS: Lucifer (Munchkin Cat)

To say his life started with a bang, would be a complete understatement for the beginning of Linious Robertson own voyage upon this disastrous world. But for Linious, it was a nice way to start his life or what little of it he could remember. Growing up being pushed from home to home and from family to family, has always been the little ray of hope that would put a damper on Linious's spirit. That wasn't the case, what so ever. In fact it made him strong both emotionally and physically. It made him the one kid in the back of the classroom flinging spit balls at the teacher or standing up for the little guy. Linious also found-out the hard way, that his name was nearly impossible to pronounce. That being called Lenny was the only way he could go on and people would remember him. This was until he was placed in the same classroom, next to the one kid who would rule his life until loss created a gap in their lives; Peter Lord. His friendship with this boy was the strongest one he had ever created. Peter was the one kid that made him question his actions and then follow through with them despite the consequences. After Peter lost his mother, moved on with his life and forcing Linious to accept the fact he had to leave Boston to live with another foster family who occupied Cambridge; brought him down from the world he occupied and into accepting his fate as an orphan who would be forever passed around from foster family to foster family.

By the time High School had rolled into his growing young adult life, Linious found he enjoyed the idea of alcohol and the consequences that followed with the delicious drink of the gods. He found he was quite capable at causing trouble and getting out of it, that was until the one night he was out at the one spot all the teens were going too. He was standing in the middle of the open air, his pants around his ankles and a beer in his hand. That image quickly changed when the cops showed up and he was in the back-seat of a police car. His foster father was called, he told him to stay put and one week later Linious was thoroughly taught a lesson. Or so he thought he had been. He was thrown into a life of community service that lasted six months cleaning the fire station vehicles and cleaning up after the stations dog. He hated it, despise his foster father for it and those feelings of hate, disrespect all changed the moment he saw the man risk his life for another vulnerable person. At that moment in time, Linious knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

And when his life as a teenager came to an end, his former foster family still stuck with him. The man pushed him into doing whatever he wanted to do and when he told him wanted to follow in his footsteps, the look of pride was ever so evident. The once crazed party boy's life ended and turned into a slow arduousness journey of working out, studying and trying to find a moment in his life when everything was completely less crazy. Though that was very rare after living with a crazed room-mate that always preferred trashing everything and causing the police to come to their door nearly ever night. That only drove Linious insane, in fact at one point he remembered putting his fist through the wall after dealing with a girl whose heart was ripped apart by the guy. But there were women who hated his guts and women who love him; those who hated him were known for trying to hurt his car and those who loved him sent him crazed filled text messages and images. But Linious didn't care, they were there to be used and his amusement was filled through them.

Finally becoming a Fire Fighter had been the change in his life that Linious needed. In fact he found that he truly loved the world he was in, risking his life and being the hero was everything he wanted. So he decided to change everything outside the world of his new occupation and moved out of his shitty apartment. Finding the perfect place, next to the two women who will not only change his perspective on the females of his life but finding the one person he will care for between the two of them. And for the next couple of years living there, everything was normal until the night of a fire blazing out of control. He was the newbie at the new station he was working in, they went out did their routine but Linious heard a scream as they were all clearing out of the building. Noticing a large pipe blocking the stairwell to the floor the scream was coming from, he took off his oxygen take rigged it to leak with force and sent it flying only to blow up the obstacle. He was a hero that night and was given the nickname "Rocket" because of it.

"Rocket" was a new man that night, his personality didn't change but his perspective on this crazy world did. He was free to do whatever he wanted, knowing that there will always be consequences with those actions. He retained that know it all personality and building strange contractions giving him the crazed Einstein look when he is but he doesn't care a single bit. Getting his friendship back on track with Peter Lord, was the best thing he ever had in his life. For now Linious, deals with the unwanted cat in his apartment and a job he actually enjoys. But there will always be that missing part of him wants to destroy things, get into (cause) fights and play with large machinery. Linious wouldn't have it any other way.

rocket raccoon
Hundreds of years ago, humanoids from an unidentified planet sought a world to use as an asylum for their outcast insane members, and settled on a planet located in the Keystone Quadrant, out by the stars of Sirus Major. There the psychiatrists created robots to care for their patients' particular brands of insanity. For years they studied the functions and dysfunctions of the mind, writing their observations in the starship Gideon's logbook until their funding was cut off and they were ordered back to their homeworld. As they left, they erected a forcefield-generating Galacian Wall around the star system to keep their uncured patients safe from the normal society that loathed them.

For generations the robots faithfully watched over their charges, whose children were born insane themselves, or affected by their insane environment. The Loonies, as they came to be known, created a religion worshiping the ancient Shrinks as gods, with straight-jacketed priests called the Good Humor Men venerating the logbook as their Bible, housing it in the Admissions Ward and performing rites to attain the Final Cure. Gaining sentence (due in part to radiation from a nearby star going nova), the supremely logical robots sought a way out from directly caring for their illogical charges. They played around with the genetics of the various companion animals left by the Shrinks and created a race of animal people to care for the Loonies while the robots retreated to their own side of the planet and began to work on a giant humanoid starship, and started to deduce how to shut down the Wall from the inside. Over time the planet came to be known as Halfworld, divided between the robots' industrial half, and the verdant half occupied by the others, with the robots building toys designed by the animals to keep the Loonies entertained, and making other machines and weapons for the animals' use only, and giving many animals requested cybernetic enhancements. Over time the animals created their own advanced society somewhat apart from the Loonies, with the major industry toymaking for the Loonies' amusements, and the Loonies paying for services rendered with animal cracker currencies.

In recent years, the Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner) was transported to Halfworld via energies released during the destruction of the energy creature Galaxy Master. The Hulk met Quadrant guardian Rocket Raccoon and his partner Wal Rus, who tried unsuccessfully to figure out how the strange green human got through the Galacian Wall. When the head of Inter-Stel Mechanics, Judson Jakes, had the mercenary Black Bunny Brigade steal the Gideon's Bible and held his ward, the otter Lylla, as a hostage, Rocket enlisted the Hulk's aid to rescue both the Bible and his girlfriend. They invaded Jake's orbital Spacewheel spacestation and rescued both the book and Lylla, but not before Jake's chief scientist/toymaker, the tortoise Uncle Pyko, sent the Hulk back to Earth to prevent the Hulk's presence from destroying the political status quo among the various Halfworld animal factions.

The saurian Lord Dyvyne, head of Dyvynities,Inc., forcibly took over Inter-Stel Mechanics, forcing Jackes and Pyko from Spacewheel, and hiring the Black Bunny Brigade away from Jakes. Relocating to Halfworlds's equator, Jakes reincorporated as Mayhem Mekaniks, where he had Pyko created more members of his mechanical Psycho-Circus (a.k.a. Killer Clowns) and the cybermetric bat-like Drakillars, and plotted to find a way to marry Lylla to gain permanent control of her late parents' fortune and the toy company they had founded. Desiring to be the top toymaker, Jakes had one of his mechanical Killer Clowns assassinated Lord Dyvyne's chief toysmith, igniting a trade war. Rocket went after Jakes to stop the war, but then Dyvyne had Lylla kidnapped to force a marriage between them to gain control of her fortune, forcing Rocket and her uncle Wal to rescue her instead. They tracked Lylla to the Loony shrine Asylum, where Brigade leader Blackjack O'Hare had taken her to seek her fortune for himself, putting him on the outs with his employer. When the Killer Clowns vacuumed up the Black Bunny Brigade, O'Hare was forced to rescue Rocket and himself from the wrath of lord Dyvyne's misty creature Red Breath. luring the pursuing Clowns on their vacuum sleds to vacuum up the erasing Red Breath, destroying both sets of assassins.

Now finding both toy moguls allied against them, Rocket, Wal Rus, Lylla, and O'Hare fled to the robotic side of Half World, where they found Uncle Pyko; he had "borrowed" and deciphered Halfworld's Bible, learning the truth of Halfworld's origins, and left Jakes to pursue his own agendas of becoming the Quadrant's chief toysmith for the pure joy of creating toys. Escaping from the treacherous O'Hare and his cronies, Pyko led the other three to the Assembly Line to meet the head robot, where Rocket handed over the Bible to the robots to uses psychiatric knowledge to create the Wonder Toy, a helmet designed to correct the imbalances in the Loonies' minds, curing them. Jakes and Lord Dyvyne combined forces for one last attack on Rocket and Pyko to keep them from distributing the Toys and destroying their markets forever. The Killer Clowns and Lord Dyvyne's simian samurais almost succeeded in slaying them until reinforcements - the robots, a repentant O'Hare, and the now-cured Loonies - arrived to turn the tide of battle against Jakes and Dyvyne, who were deliberately thrown from their Drakillar perch onto the ground below, apparently killing them. While some animals elected to stay and help the former Loonies rebuild their world, Wal, Lylla, O'Hare and many other animals joined almost all the robots aboard the humanoid Ship with Rocket as its captain, seeking adventures among the stars. Bio taken from: here. parallels • Rocket is a raccoon, linious is the name of the explorer who found the first raccoon.
• Being a general pain in the ass is what makes rocket the greatest guardian of the galaxy member (duh).
• Having an extremely high intellect has put him on the list for smartass of the year.
• Has always felt he never fit in anywhere nor with anyone. alone is the way to go, apparently.
• Rocket has always hated cats and they him, there was never a mutual understanding to exist between them.
• He will fight anyone and anything. he will never back down from a fight so long as he's conscious.
• He is in love with a very, rare and obscure creature.

powers + abilites + equipment (unlocked Blue) Raccoon Physiology > Enhanced Senses > Expert Marksman > Martial Artist > Master Tactician + Strategist > Expert Pilot > Rocket Powered Jet Boots > Two Laser Pistols > Assortment of Heavy Weapons
If there's anything ENTJs love, it's a good challenge, big or small, and they firmly believe that given enough time and resources, they can achieve any goal. This quality makes people with the ENTJ personality type brilliant entrepreneurs, and their ability to think strategically and hold a long-term focus while executing each step of their plans with determination and precision makes them powerful business leaders. This determination is often a self-fulfilling prophecy, as ENTJs push their goals through with sheer willpower where others might give up and move on, and their Extroverted (E) nature means they are likely to push everyone else right along with them, achieving spectacular results in the process.

At the negotiating table, be it in a corporate environment or buying a car, ENTJs are dominant, relentless, and unforgiving. This isn't because they are coldhearted or vicious per se – it's more that ENTJ personalities genuinely enjoy the challenge, the battle of wits, the repartee that comes from this environment, and if the other side can't keep up, that's no reason for ENTJs to fold on their own core tenet of ultimate victory. Astrological Sign: Taurus ♉
one Despite having a feline that hates his guts (the feeling is completely mutual) they both have been known to have had moments of peace between the war of shredding the furniture and refusing the clean out the litter box. two With an entire apartment full of old computer parts, old technology that isn't useful to anyone and strange contraptions that actually work; his name is well known by the pawn shops throughout boston for buying the unusual. three He has one tattoo, it was something he got a long time ago when he was very drunk, very stupid and completely unaware of what he was doing. The tattoo is located on his left butt cheek and is of a pixel raccoon. four Has an avid ability to speak his mind and being born without a filter has it's own consequences; so he claims is the reason why he gets into so many fights. five He goes by the name linious, a name that was written on his birth certificate but he prefers to go by lenny. Seeing as it is less of a pain to say than his birth given name. six Despite never knowing where he came from, it has never hindered his personality or his way of thinking. The world is evil, full of chaos and he enjoys the way it is. Especially when people decide to light things on fire - makes his job all that more exciting. seven “Rocket” is a nickname he received during a rescue mission. He was given it by their chief and found that he quite enjoys the nickname, despite it's origins. eight Being classified as an "orphan" has never changed his perspective on the world. The foster family he had towards the end of his teenage life will always be the true type of family he will always remember, they are still key people in his life.